Jewish terrorist organizations operating in Israeli settlements

Jewish terrorist organizations operating in Israeli settlements

Jewish terrorist organizations operating in Israeli settlements in the West Bank

Israel considers settlement as the core of its extended Zionist project, so, since the beginning of its establishment and occupation of the Palestinian territories, it usedmany colonial methods and tools to support and establish its Zionist project, and to block the possibility of establishing a Palestinian state as well.

The Zionist movement and its institutions that were operating in British Mandate Palestine are considered to be the root of terror in the region. The construction of military and paramilitary organizations, including terrorist Jewishorganizations, was in full swing before the eyesight of the British Mandate government, and when the appropriate moment came, with the withdrawal of British forces from Palestine, the country was a scene for brutal attacks committed by trainedand armed Jewish forces ready to implement what was later known as the "Dalet" plan for a total ethnic cleansing, a plan that was approved by the leadership of the Zionist movement and the Jewish Agency in March 1948, beforeassigning its implementation,in detailed directives, to those forces.

The "Dalet" plan was based on ethnic cleansing as a central goal of its objectives, in strict detailed directives, calling for merciless killing, spreading terror, besieging Palestinian cities and villages, burning homes and properties, and planting mines among the rubble to prevent the people from returning to their homes. As a result of that criminal plan, according to a number of new historians in Israel, who reported that these terrorist organizations committed 28 massacres, the most horrific of which was in Deir Yassin, and carried out demolitions of more than 530 towns and villages, displaced about 800,000 Palestinians and turned them into refugees. The most prominent leaders of those terrorist organizations were Menachem Begin and Yitzhak Shamir, both of whom later became heads of Israeli governments. Menachem Begin said that without Deir Yassin, it would not have been possible for Israel to exist. As for Yitzhak Shamir, he described the massacre as a humanitarian duty, while their successor in terrorism Benjamin Netanyahu followed the same approach. In an official celebration of the anniversary of the occupation of Jerusalem, Netanyahu praised the courage of those he described as the heroes of the bombing of the King David Hotel in Jerusalem in 1946, and laid a wreath on a memorial to the Irgun terrorist gangs.

This brief report, reviews the most prominent and dangerous modern Zionist organizations and associations operating in the West Bank, including Jerusalem, which are considered one of the arms of the Israeli occupation to control, expand settlements, displace and terrorize the Palestinian population through organized terrorist attacks in a repetitive manner, similar to what was carried out by the Irgun, Haganah, Stern, and Palmach" against the Palestinian population since the beginning of the establishment of its colonial project in Palestine, especially its terrorist attacks and brutal massacres against the Palestinian population.

How does Israel classify these organizations, reviewed in this report?

At the outset, it should be noted that Israel has recently designated six Palestinian civil society organizations as terrorist organizations, which are organizations that the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights Michelle Bachelet considers to be among the most reputable humanitarian and human rights organizations in the occupied Palestinian territories, and they have worked closely for decades with the UN. They are main partners to the United Nations Office for Human Rights OHCHR. These organizations are: Addameer Association for Prisoner Support and Human Rights, Al-Haq Association; Defense for Children International - Palestine; Agricultural Work Committees Union; Bisan Center for Research and Development; and the Union of Palestinian Women Committees.

On the other hand, Israel, with its executive (government), legislative (Knesset) and judicial (Israeli Supreme Court) powers, refrains from classifying theJewish organizations mentioned in this report as terrorist organizations, but rather classifies them as unlicensed associations, despite the fact that the Chief of Staff of the occupation army, Herzi Halevi, and the head of the Public Security Service (Shin Bet) Ronen Bar and the Israeli Police Commissioner, Kobi Shabtai, recently described, in a joint statement, the attacks of these organizations against innocent Palestinians as national terrorism. Only once, the government of Israel banned the activities of both the "Kach" and "Kahana Hai" groups, following the crime committed at the Ibrahimi Mosque in Hebron on February 25, 1994 by the extremist Jewish military doctorBaruch Goldstein, before these groups returned to operate under a new cover.

  1. The Hilltop Youths

The beginnings of the formation of the terrorist"hilltop youths" or "hilltop boys" organization emerged following the famous appeal made by the Minister of Energy in Benjamin Netanyahu's first government, Ariel Sharon, in opposingpeacesettlement path, which he believed that the occupation prime minister at the time, Benjamin Netanyahu, intended to follow. Sharon appealed to Settler boys and youths to occupy the highest mountains and hills in the West Bank, telling them: “What we lay our hands on today will remain ours, and what we do not lay our hands on will go to the Palestinians.” Sharon provided a generous financial support and political cover for these gangs, until they grew, expanded, and spread in the form of small groups living in single-building settlement outposts in the West Bankopen areas. The members of these groups carry extremist biblical ideas, especially against Arabs and Palestinians in particular, as they lead organized terrorist and criminal attacks from time to time against the Palestinian population in villages adjacent to settlements and outposts. They wreak havoc, destruction, killing and burning of everything that falls into their hands of Palestinian property and lives, with the protection and support of the Israeli occupation soldiers.

The terrorist "Hill Youths" is led by extremist Zionist figures, the most prominent of whom are (Abri Ran, Meir Bartler, EtiZar). Most of the members of these groups work in sheep herding or agriculture, and the bulk of them hail from the settlements, while another section of them hails from the large Israeli cities. Neither political parties nor anything unites them, but strong animosity to the Palestinians and some extreme right-wing ideas.

  1. The "Price Collection" or "Price Tag" organization (Tag Mahir)

The activity and operations of this terrorist organization "Price Tag or price-collection", as abbreviated in Hebrew (Tag Mahir), began in mid-2008, specifically when a group of extremist settler activists called for an expanded meeting of settlers in the Yitzhar settlement, south of Nablus, to express their rejection of the occupation government's policy regarding settlement construction in the West Bank, and in order to agree on future action strategy for the settlers. Indeed, hundreds of settlers gathered from various settlements in the West Bank, led by settler leaders, and it was agreed to carry out terrorist attacks and operations against Palestinian citizens in the West Bank and within the Green Line, and sign under the name of "Price Tag" in the scene of their terrorist attacks.

The number of extremist settlers under the banner of "Price Tag or price Collection " exceeds more than three thousand settlers, in various settlements and outposts in the West Bank. Others from Israeli cities, while the majority of them hail from extremist religious ideological settlements, and from biblical Jewish schools.

The price tag organization includes a wide range of religious and extremist Zionist movements and groups active in Israeli settlements and cities, most notably: National religious Rabbis, ultra-Orthodox religious rabbis, graduates and students of yeshivasreligious schools in Israeli settlements and in Israel, activists and supporters of the banned terrorist Kach movement, activists of the extremist Zionist parties and the hilltop youths. The common denominator between the various components and elements of the PriceTag organization is their embrace of the racist Zionist ideology based on intense hatred of Arabs and Palestinians, calling for killing and expelling them, promoting settlement in the various occupied Palestinian territories, and Judaizing Jerusalem.


  1. The Lahava Settlement Organization:

This is an extremist Zionist organization, founded in late 1999 by its current president, the extremist settler Ben Zion Gopstein, who is known to be one of the students and followers of the Zionist Rabbi Kahane, the founder of the "Kach" terrorist organization. The name of the “Lahava” organization means “flame” in Hebrew, and it is an abbreviation for its definition of “the organization to prevent the melting of the Jews in the Holy Land.” It is considered one of the most prominent Zionist organizations that adopt extreme right-wing ideology socially and politically, and follows strict biblical agendas, in addition to its clear racism against Palestinians and Arabs..Lahava also annually celebrates the perpetrator of the Ibrahimi Mosque massacre in Hebron, the extremist terrorist settlerand military doctor Baruch Goldstein, and considers him a "national hero."

Since its establishment, the Lahava has launched continuous racist campaigns to achieve its goals, which focus on the explicit call for the expulsion of all Arabs from the land of historical Palestine. The organization adopts racism and hate speech as a guidingslogan and action against Arabs and Palestinians, and carries out physical attacks and bloody incitement against them, especially in occupied Jerusalem. It is considered the main inciter of the settlers and the extreme right movements to conducting mass storming of Al-Aqsa Mosque and perform Talmudic rituals in the mosque courtyards. It also publicly calls for the demolition of Al-Aqsa Mosque.

  1. The Nahala Organization:

The Zionist "Nahala" movement was founded in 2005 by extremist settler Moshe Levinger, the godfather of settlement in Hebron, and one of the most prominent founders of the "Gush Emunim" organization, along with the settler Daniela Weiss who is now leading the movement. The "Nahala" movement is considered an extension and continuation of the ideas and objectives of the "Gush Emunim" expansionist settlement organization, in addition to the movement's support for settler gangs in the West Bank, especially the "Hill Youths".

The "Nahala" organization has contributed to the establishment of more than 60 settlements and settlement outposts so far, and is active in the media in promoting settlement projects in the West Bank, and seeks to strengthen relations with political leaders in "Israel" and in Jewish communities and organizations around the world. The organization enjoys support from the “Religious Zionism”,party, which is led by one of the most prominent and notorious extremist Israeli politicians with fascist predispositions, who called for burning the town of Hawara, south of the city of Nablus, in a position that angered wide international circles. It aims with its settlement activities for the settlement of two million Zionists in the West Bank.

  1. The Insurgency organization:

The Insurgency organization is one of the most terrorist and extremist Zionist organizations. It emerged from the extremist Zionist "Hills Youths" organization, in a more organized and strict way. It is led by the extremist Meir Ettinger, the grandson of the extremist Rabbi Meir Kahane. It includes young men aged 16 to 25 years old, who are carefully selectedby the leadership of the organization and hold their meetings in complete secrecy. The organization operates in the West Bank, and most of its members are concentrated in sporadic settlement outposts scattered on Palestinian hills and mountains. Among the most prominent crimes of this organization: The burning of the house of the Dawabsha family in the village of Duma, south of Nablus, and killing three of its members; Setting fire to theChurch of Bread and Fish on the shores of Lake Tiberias, and torchingPalestinian vehicles and property in the towns of Hawara and Burin, south of Nablus.

  1. Netzah Yehuda Battalion:

The "Nitzah Yehuda" battalion is a military battalion affiliated with the Gvir Brigade in the Israeli army. It was established in 1999, with extremists and religious radicals serving in this militia-like battalion, whose armed members are supervision by rabbis before the eyes of the Israeli occupation army. The bulk of the soldiers in this battalion come from settler families and live in random settlement outposts in the West Bank and receive regular lectures, lessons and religious sermons by the rabbis and settler leaders who visit them at the battalion headquarters.

The Netzah Yehuda battalion/militia is operates in the northern West Bank and includes about a thousand soldiers. Its soldiers carry out brutal attacks against the Palestinians, the latest of which was when the soldiers of this battalion committed field execution of the Palestinian elderly, who also holds American citizenship, the 80-year-old martyr Omar Asaad in the village of Jaljelia near Ramallah.

  1. The “Lafamilia” racist organization

This is a right-wing, racist, extremist Zionist organization, and it is considered one of the most active and dangerous racist Jewish organizations seeking to fuel the conflict with the Palestinians on both sides of the Green Line and in Jerusalem. This organization is considered a fertile ground for incubating and creating an environment of terrorism and racism against Palestinians and Arabs. Lafamilia was founded in 2005 by Jewish activists and members as a fan association for the Beitar Jerusalem football team. Despite the fact that the organization promotes itself as a fan association for the Israeli team, its members are known for their blatant racism against everything that is not Jewish, and their racist rhetoric, public barbaric behavior, and terrorist and sabotage operations targeting everything that is Arab,in their activities in and outside stadiums.

Recent samples of terrorism by extremist Jewish organizations:

● The crime of burning the child Muhammad Abu Khudair in Jerusalem

In July 2014, three settlers led by the terrorist Youssef Ben David carried out a horrific and disgusting terrorist crime, when they kidnapped the 16-year-old Palestinian Muhammad Abu Khudair in front of his house in the village of Shuafat, north of occupied Jerusalem, dragged him to the Jerusalem forests and killed him in a hideous way by burning him after forcing him to drink large amounts of petrol, then spraying petrol all over his body, torturing him, and burning him to death while he was alive.

● The crime of burning the Dawabsha family in Duma village, south of Nablus

In July 2015, a group of terrorist settlers infiltrated the village of Duma, south of Nablus, in the dark, and committed one of the most heinous fascist crimes, as they set fire to the house of the Dawabsha family while they were sleeping, which led to the death of Saad Dawabsha, his wife Reham, and their infant child, Ali, and inflicted serious injuries and burns on their second child, Ahmed, who still suffers till today.

● The murder of the elderly Omar Asaad

In January 2022, terrorist soldiers from the fascist "Nitzah Yehuda" battalion, which is affiliated with the Gvir Brigade in the Israeli army, committed a heinous crime against an elderly Palestinian citizen of American citizenship (80 years) from Jaljelia, north of Ramallah. The soldiers arrested the elderly, tied him up in an abandoned house near the town, started torturing him, then left him bleeding to death.

● The crime of burning the town of Hawara, south of Nablus

In February 2023, the town of Hawara, south of Nablus, experienced a real night of terror when herds of settlers, in large numbers exceeding 300 settlers, attacked the town, and carried out widespread arson and destruction of citizens’ property, including dozens of homes, vehicles, and shops. This terrorist attack resulted in the death of the citizen, SamehQutaish, who was killed by settlers while he was defending his home and children, in addition to injuring more than 100 Palestinian citizens, who various injuries and burns, the burning and destruction of more than 30 homes, and dozens of vehicles, commercial establishments.

● The crime of burning the town of Turmusaya, north of Ramallah

In July 2023, the crimeof burning the Huwwaratown was repeated, in the town of Turmusaya, north of Ramallah, when more than 400 armed settlers attacked the town in broad daylight and before the watching eyes of the Israeli army, to wreak havoc, arson and destruction on everything they could lay their hands on, in an attack that lasted for three years, during which the town turned into a mass of flames and smoke, after the settlers burned dozens of houses, while its residents - especially women, children and the elderly - were inside, and dozens of vehicles and properties, which resulted in the martyrdom of the young Omar Qateen while he was defending his house, and the injury of dozens, and the burning of more 30 homes, 120 vehicles, many facilities and agricultural crops.

● The terrorist attack on the village of Um Safa, northwest of Ramallah

In June 2023, the people of the town of Umm Safa, northwest of Ramallah, were shocked with the attack of dozens of settlers in broad daylight from the nearby “Ateret” settlement, established on the town’s land. 3 houses were completely burned, while 15 houses and 15 vehicles were partially destroyed and vandalized, about 200 olive trees were cut down, 20 water tanks were destroyed, in addition to cutting irrigation hoses and breaking solar panels in the town.


Organizations with extremist political and spiritual references

These terrorist organizations have political, spiritual and field references. The political references are led by Bezalel Smotrich, Minister of Finance and Settlement at the Ministry of Defense, Itamar Ben Gvir, Minister of National Security in the Israeli government and his advisor BentziGoffstein, leader of the extremist "Lahava" movement, accused of incitement to racism and terrorism, and Hanamal Dorfman, the head of Ben Gvir’s bureau and Orit Strok, Minister for Religious Zionism's National Missions, and other MKs and government members.

These terrorist organizations also have spiritual references, including quite a few rabbinical leaders, most notably Rabbi Haim Druckmann, one of the most prominent religious and spiritual references for the "Jewish Home" party, and Rabbi DovLior, and other rabbis, such as Eliezer Rabinovich and Shlomo Aviner, who permit the settlers of Yitzhar and others, even in violating the sanctity of the Sabbath, to go to road crossings to block roads, terrorize and attack Palestinian citizens and their vehicles and endanger their lives, as happened with Mrs. Aisha al-Rabi, who was martyred at the hands of these terrorists at the Za’tara junction on October 12, 2018.

The field referencesare leaders of the settlement councils, such as ShlomoNeeman in the far right, who was elected in 2022 as head of the Settlement Council (Yesha) and the head of the Settlement Council in the northern West Bank, Yossi Dagan, the extreme rightwing terrorist, who was the first to call for the burning of the town of Hawara last March, thenfollowed by Bezalel Smotrich. The Settlement Council has strong political activity and influence on the government to the extent that the council rejected Trump’s plan or the so-called the Ultimate deal because it promises the Palestinians bits of a state in the West Bank territories, which is unacceptable to the extremists within the settler community, represented by the Yesha Council.

Israel races time to change the geographic demographic reality in the West Bank

The leaders of the ultra-right Zionist parties and the extreme right-wing religious parties are racing time to take advantage of their presence at leading government positions in Israel, to accomplish what David Ben-Gurion, the first prime minister of Israel, according to their claim, failed to do. At the forefront of these comes the minister of finance and minister at the ministry of the extremist settler occupation ministry of defense, Bezalel Smotrich, head of the religious Zionist party, who threatens the Palestinians with expulsion and completing the mission of his extremist predecessors. Smotrich addressed the Palestinian deputies in one of his extremist statements at the Israeli Knesset: "You are enemies and we shouldn’t talk to you. You must be expelled from here. Your presence here was a mistake. It is a pity that David Ben-Gurion did not complete the mission, he had to expel all the Palestinians from Israel”.

The extreme right in Israel believes that its golden opportunity is now timely to change the demographic and geographical reality in the West Bank and Jerusalem, and that their presence in leading the government in Israel may change in any upcoming elections, especially with the widespread protests in Israeli society by the opposition forces and the left, protesting against the judicial amendments plan, proposed by the Likud and with it these extremist religious parties. Accordingly, they seek, in light of the international community’s preoccupation with the war in Ukraine, to tighten effective control over the entire West Bank, starting with East Jerusalem, by accelerating the settlement operations and seizing land, so that the annexation plan they are working on is implemented, and the elimination of any opportunity for a Palestinian entity to be established in the future, whether an independent Palestinian state or even a limited self-rule. Thus, these extremist parties gave a free hand to the Jewish terrorist organizations to wreak killing, burning, and destruction on everything that is Palestinian, and recalling the style of the Zionist Haganah and Irgun gangs prior to the establishment of Israel, through committing the most heinous massacres and annihilations against the Arab population at that time to push them to flee and leave their lands and properties.


The true face of the Israeli terrorist state

The unleashing of the extremist Zionist organizations, which we reviewed the most prominent and dangerous ofwhich in this report. This reveals and exposes the reality of the Israeli official policy, mainlybased on the settlement movement as a colonial project since the establishment of Israel. This is no different now except that it has become part of the political programs of the competing parties in Israel, as these parties differ in everything except their view of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict, especially their unified positions on boosting settlement in the West Bank, including East Jerusalem, and what made this matter more dangerous now, after the rise of extreme right-wing parties in Israel, is that these parties resort to giving the conflict over the land a religious character.

The daily crimes committed by Jewish terrorist organizations, which take settlements and outposts as safe havens under the protection of the occupation forces, escalateagainst the Palestinian people, land, property and sanctities, driven by public incitement and official cover by ministers and officials of the extreme right-wing Israeli government, and under the protection of the Israeli occupation army and with the participation of its soldiers and military units in many of these filmed and documented crimes. This reveals the true face of this rogue colonial state that claims to be the only democracy in the Middle East, which puts the international community and its humanitarian and human rights organizations and civil society institutions in various countries of the world, before a moral and humanitarian challenge, to defend the principles of human rights that Israel and its terrorist organizations have stained with the blood of the Palestinian people.

Observers note that extremist settler organizations, despite their large number and sporadic spread in settlement outposts and in many settlements in the West Bank, operate according to pre-programmed and prepared plans, as hardly a day passes for the Palestinian people in the West Bank and occupied Jerusalem without the occurrence of a crime that is worse and more heinous than its predecessors. All of these crimes fall within the context of spreading terror and subjugation in the hearts of the Palestinians and pushing them to leave their land and property to facilitate their seizure and establishment of new outposts and settlements on them. The Palestinian memory is full of past and recent ghastly crimes; from the Deir Yassin massacre to Sabra and Shatila massacre, the Ibrahimi Mosque massacre, the Hawara and Turmusayamassacres, to the daily executions committed by herds of settlers against Palestinians at checkpoints and bypass roads across the West Bank.


Accountability for the Zionist terrorism begins with drying up the resources of terrorist settler organizations

It has become clear to all that the settlers and their extremist organizations represent the spearhead of the ruling right-wing parties in Israel, and the long arm of their fascist government in implementing its settler-colonial policies in the occupied Palestinian territories, due to the political cover that these organizations enjoy and the generous financial and strategic support that the parties and the Israeli government provide.

Drying up the resources of these organizations, prosecuting them internationally and judicially before international courts, and imposing a comprehensive boycott on them, will make them lose their ability to continue with their crimes against the Palestinian people, and put an end to the expansion of their apartheid regime that they are trying to embody and establish in the occupied Palestinian territories.

In order to make progress in drying up the resources of these terrorist organizations by prosecuting and indicting their leaders and figures internationally and through local courts in European and American countries, many efforts and measures must be taken in parallel with what was mentioned in previous reports regarding the need to dry up the settlement-financing resources, which can be by activating work on the black list of commercial companies in the settlements, and prosecuting them at international and even local courts in European countries, and demanding these companies to close their headquarters and branches and end their commercial and investment activities in the settlements, as well as demanding for compensation for their exploitation of Palestinian resources and land. Attention must also be given to the need to benefit from the international reports issued by Human rights organizations and international organizations operating in the Palestinian territories, the most recent of which are the reports of Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch, which clearly and effectively condemned the crimes of settler herds and their fascist organizations against the Palestinian people, and also condemned the government and the political level in Israel for covering up these crimes and protecting the perpetrators and even providing them with all forms of support .

Hence, the National Bureau for Boycott and Land Defense seeks to develop an updated database, which includes the most prominent and dangerous extremist settlement organizations, their leaders and figures, their settlement activity and continuous crimes against the Palestinian people, so that it is always within the reach of the official and civil authorities in various Western, Arab and African countries, and provides them with all the needed information with documented statistics about the settlement and its disastrous resources and evidence, and work with all international and human rights organizations, to make the efforts and endeavors to develop a black list of the names of Zionist terrorist organizations and gangs similar to the list of companies operating in Israeli settlements, to be prosecuted, and to impose a boycott and comprehensive restriction on the movement of its leaders and figures outside their state, to dry up the resources of their settlement projects, and bring down their racist regime that they are establishing in the West Bank.


Numbers and statistics / settler attacks and violence                             

According to the data available at the PLO’s National Office for Defending Land and Resisting, as well as the statistics documented by Palestinian and even Israeli and international institutions and entities that follow up and deal with settlement affairs, monitor and document violence and terrorism by settler organizations in the West Bank and occupied Jerusalem, an escalation in the frequency of these attacks has been observed this year 2023, with doubled settler attacks compared to the past year 2022 and even doubled attacks compared to previous years. This confirms the aforementioned conclusions and details reviewed in our report about the most dangerous Zionist extremist organizations that enjoy protection and political and financial support from the political level and the extreme right-wing Israeli government headed by Netanyahu and religious parties, Militant parties and settlers.

✔ In the 2021, 1120 attacks by settlers against Palestinian citizens and their property were documented and recorded.

✔Last year 2022, more than 1,190 terrorist attacks and assaults carried out by herds of settlers against Palestinian citizens and their property in the West Bank and Jerusalem were recorded and documented.

✔As of the beginning of the year 2023 until last July, 1,140 attacks and assaults carried out by herds of settlers against Palestinian citizens in the West Bank, including Jerusalem, were documented and recorded, including direct physical assault and destruction of property, which include homes, vehicles, shops, and land.


How can these terrorist organizations and their leaders be prosecuted and punished?

● The basic and fundamental task that must be focused on at this level is to break the silence, the silence of the international community, the silence of governments and that of the media, and stop the policy of double standards. Not in comparison, which is totally unfair, but many countries classify a number of Palestinian factions as terrorist, yet, all countries in the Western world, which claim defending democracy and human rights and combating terrorism, are silent on Jewish terrorist organizations, which take settlements and outposts as safe havens under the protection of the occupation army. Breaking the silence here is the beginning.

● Intensifying action and efforts to document all terrorist attacks and crimes carried out by settlers and their terrorist organizations in audio, video and live testimonies of the victims, and the establishment of an electronic data bank that is being updated for these crimes.

● Taking advantage of modern social media (YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Telegram, TikTok, etc.) to expose settler crimes and terrorist attacks in multiple languages, to clarify the picture before international public opinion about the fascist settler organizations, and to build an international popular environment and incubator that rejects and denounces settler crimes. This can help support the official steps to be taken against these organizations and their leaders.

● Addressing human rights organizations, solidarity movements, boycott committees, and civil institutions in foreign countries, especially Western countries, and providing them continuously with all data and statistics related to settler attacks, and urging them to start taking practical steps to prosecute and hold settler organizations and their leaders accountable before local courts in those countries.

● Communicate with human rights organizations around the world, especially in Western countries, that practice double standards, and provide them with data periodically and whenever needed, and encourage them to play their role in exposing the crimes of these terrorist organizations and exert pressure on decision-makers to take this into account and prevent terrorist settler leaders and activists from entering these countries.

● Formation of a broad international coalition, especially in Western countries, whose central nucleus will be human rights and civil society organizations in both Palestine and the occupying state, against the occupation and settlements, to put pressure on the occupation government and its judicial apparatus (the Supreme Court) to classify these terrorist settler organizations as terrorist organizations and not as non-licensed associations or federations as the occupying state does.

● Approaching the United Nations Human Rights Council and providing sufficient information about these terrorist organizations operating in the settlements to demand developing a black list that includes their political, spiritual and field leaders, as a basis for prosecuting them, holding them accountable and bringing them to international justice, including the International Criminal Court.